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Plymothians urged to give netball a go if they want to get fit and have fun

WITH the new netball season gradually approaching, women in and around Plymouth are being urged to give the sport a go.

Netball is enjoying a major resurgence in popularity, helped by the success of the Vitality Superleague and weekly TV coverage on Sky Sports.

It is reported that in the last seven years more than 35,000 people across the country have started playing regularly again through the ‘Back to Netball’ programme.

Plymouth and West Devon have one of the largest leagues in the country, with more than 1,000 players across eight different divisions. Last season they also introduced walking netball.

League fixtures are played in the warmth of the Life Centre on different evenings of the week.

And organisers say there is a standard for everyone, whether people want to play seriously or just to have some fun.

City coach Teresa Collins would certainly recommend the sport to anyone looking to get fit and have some fun – no matter what their age.

“The benefits of netball are that it is a fast-paced and intensive game, which will quickly boost your health and fitness levels,” said Collins.

“The key benefits it has on the body are you are burning calories and lowering body fat, if played regularly. It also improves your upper body strength, working out key arm muscles, and improves hand-eye co-ordination, with precision passing and shooting necessary to succeed.

“It also builds up leg muscle strength and stamina due to its mixture of brief bursts of sprinting and longer jogging. It develops the body’s cardiovascular system, with the heart and lungs able to deliver more oxygen to fuel the muscles and improves the body’s flexibility and nimbleness, as it requires quick changes of direction and speed.

“In short – getting fit, off the sofa, making friends and learning a great sport and it is all on your doorstep.”

She added: “Over 1000 women play in the city it’s a great league and fully insured and well organised.

“The league is not a company trying to make money but run by like-minded people who want to play netball. It is also a great way to make friends.”

You can find more information on the Plymouth & West Devon Netball League on their Facebook site HERE or their website HERE

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