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Ex-OPMs coach Luffman relishing new challenge with Albion Ladies

FORMER OPMs coach Steve Luffman is relishing a new challenge with Plymouth Albion Ladies.

The well-known city rugby and cricketer parted company with the Old Boys this summer after their relegation to Devon One.

Luffman, who had played for OPMs for 20 years, was their head coach last season, but Leigh Puttock has returned to take over that role for the 2015/16 campaign.

However, Luffman was keen to stay involved in rugby and has linked up with Albion Ladies, where he will work as their backs coach. Steve Petrie will be their lead coach this coming season.

“It’s going quite well,” said Luffman. “It is quite interesting. Albion have got some quite talented players.

“I did work with the under-15 and under-18 girls going back a while, so I did know a few of the players.

“It is an interesting challenge as there is a mix of abilities. You have players who have played at England Student level next door to players who have never played before.

“What has been good has been the turnout at training so far.

“What I find coaching girls is that when you tell them to do this or that they are far happier to question it and ask ‘why?’ As a coach that keeps you on your toes.”

Luffman does hope OPMs can bounce back following their relegation from the Cornwall/Devon League.

The Old Boys are going to have to replace a few key players, who have decided they want to play at a higher level than Devon One, but they should, according to Luffman, still have a backline that ‘can cause mayhem’ at that level, providing they get enough ball.

Luffman just hopes OPMs have better luck in 2015/16 than they did last season when they were hampered by injuries.

“Last year our injuries were just horrendous,” said Luffman. “You can’t get anything going when you are having to make so many chances. It was not just little injuries, many players were out of the whole season.”


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