Plymouth Argaum ready for launch of girls’ under-13 team

PLYMOUTH Argaum will break new ground on Sunday when they launch their first girls’ team.

The Bickleigh Down club will be holding an opening session at 12noon at their ground for any current Year 7 or Year 6 school pupils to start an under-13 team.

The move comes about after they were approached by a group of eight girls in the area who wanted to play rugby.

No other club in the north of Plymouth offers girls’ rugby so Argaum have decided to give it a go.

They have already entered next month’s under-13 girls’ touch event at the Plant Earth Games.

“Having a girls’ team was always something in our development plan to provide more for the community,” said secretary Stuart Quarterman. “But previously they had always been logistical problems.”

The main logistical problems had been their shower and changing room area, but they have spent this summer redeveloping those.

Quarterman, though, said the main reason they have done it is the amount of girls who approached them.

“We have maybe had the odd person before but this time we were approached by a group of eight girls,” he said. “The fact that there is already a core of a team made it easier to say ‘yes’.

“England international Lucy Demaine has also shown an interest in helping out, which would be great.

“We are just going to see if we can do this. We have already entered the Plant Earth Games and to be able to go there next month with a team would be an awesome achievement.”

The club have already spoken to a number of local schools in the area to see if there are anymore girls interested in joining the ones that have already approached them.

Argaum say any Year 7 or Year 6 girls are welcome to pop along to Bickleigh Down on Sunday for a taster session.

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