Plymouth Devils

New signing Wright should be available for Devils home clash with Somerset

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH expect to have new signing James Wright making his debut in their Premier League match against Somerset at the St Boniface Arena on Saturday evening (7.15 pm).

Wright’s arrival comes into effect with the issue of new averages for August, so he will not be available for Friday’s match at Somerset where the Devils will again use a National League guest to replace Roland Benko.

Plymouth will be hoping their strengthened team on Saturday will be capable of gaining some revenge for the recent Knock-Out Cup double defeat at the hands of Somerset.

Co-promoter Ashley Taylor said: “The signing of Wright should give us a big push to the end of the season in our bid for a top six finish to reach the play-offs.

“We need to win our home matches and we hope the fans will support us in good numbers to help push us over the line.”

Wright’s average of 6.14 sees him go into the main body of the team with Todd Kurtz dropping down to reserve alongside Sam Simota.

Somerset will be at full strength with their top three of Brady Kurtz, Josh Grajczonek and Richie Worrall supported by Charles Wright and Leigh Lanham with Paul Starke and Ollie Greenwood at reserve.

Plymouth: Kyle Newman, James Wright, Jack Holder, Morten Risager, Ryan Fisher. Reserves: Sam Simota, Todd Kurtz.

Somerset: Brady Kurtz, Leigh Lanham, Richie Worrall, Charles Wright, Josh Grajczonek. Reserves: Paul Starke, Ollie Greenwood.

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