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Devils turn attentions to leaders after Scunthorpe call off

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH’S Premier League match at Scunthorpe, due to have taken place on Friday evening, has been postponed.

Adverse weather in the Scunthorpe area resulted in the postponement being announced shortly after 8.30am.

Next up for the Devils will be their match against leaders Edinburgh at the St Boniface Arena on Saturday evening, starting at 7.15pm.

The Monarchs have won four of their six away league matches this season with victories at Berwick, Glasgow, Newcastle and Scunthorpe. They have also drawn at Ipswich and their one away defeat saw them pick up a consolation point from a 47-43 reverse at Redcar.

Devils co-promoter David Short admits: “The Monarchs have been highly successful in the league for several seasons now and are again riding well this year so the task is no easy one. But a win would lift everyone as we look to make it into the end-of-season play-offs.”

Edinburgh have called up Somerset’s Brady Kurtz as a guest replacement for their injured number one Sam Masters, who has a broken hand.

Kurtz will be partnered by fellow Australian Justin Sedgmen and the Monarchs have one of the country’s top riders in Craig Cook as skipper with the top five being completed by the German pairing of Kevin Wolbert and Erik Riss.

At reserve will be 21-year-old Australian Rob Branford and Yorkshire-born teenager Max Clegg.

Plymouth have called up 18-year-old Ellis Perks from National League Cradley as a guest replacement for absent reserve Roland Benko.

Plymouth: Ryan Fisher, Morten Risager, Jack Holder, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Newman. Reserves: Sam Simota, Ellis Perks.

Edinburgh: Brady Kurtz, Justin Sedgmen, Kevin Wolbert, Erik Riss, Craig Cook. Reserves: Max Clegg, Rob Branford.

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