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Devils rider Benko returns to Hungary to be at his father’s bedside

Roland_BenkoPLYMOUTH Devils reserve Roland Benko has returned to Hungary where his father is on a life support machine following an incident some miles away from his home. 

The initial information provided to the rider on Saturday was that his father had died and it was against this background that Benko rode at Berwick, scoring a couple of important points in a 45-45 draw.

The Devils co-promoter Ashley Taylor said: “It was not until Roland got home on Sunday that he learned the full situation. The information Roland had on Saturday was believed to correct with the confusion being due to the fact that his father was some distance away from the family home.

“We were prepared to release Roland from racing on Saturday, but he was keen to do the meeting for us. In fact, he was willing to race at Newcastle on Sunday, but we felt it best that he got home ASAP and arranged a flight from Edinburgh direct to Budapest on Sunday.

“It was only when Roland arrived at home that he learned that his father was still alive. Now, it is a case of awaiting developments. Meanwhile, our sympathies and full support go to Roland and his family.”

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