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GALLERY: New Ivybridge Inbox Hockey League proves a success

THE opening round of the brand-new Ivybridge Inbox Hockey League was held at the town’s leisure centre at the weekend.

Inbox hockey is a variation of inline hockey that features a less formal structure than the traditional sport.

It is played within a smaller space to a ‘normal’ inline/ice hockey game and can be set up inside half a tradition sportshall with four equal straight sides.

It was development by Plymouth-based Vadims Mahnovs, who is chairman of the BRIHA, who says it benefits a range of techniques, team tactics and strategies.

And it is giving ice-hockey lovers in Devon and Cornwall the chance to at least play a version of their sport now that there is no ice-rink in the area.

Mahnovs said: “From my experience as a Latvian pro ice hockey player, we used to practice using small-area games regularly.

“Reduced-size ice/roller rink or sportshall surface can be used for one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three drills and games, these are typically designed to emphasise specific strategies and skills that are crucial for hockey player development.

“We are not claiming that inbox hockey will become a recognised sport or major competition we just bring options and alternatives to practice the sport.

“The new concept can be used for competitions like day tournaments or mini leagues with us having no appropriate facility in the area.”

He added: “It is fun, a great tool to practice skills and benefits players in many ways.”

Kernow Lightning, who had travelled up from Falmouth in Cornwall, stole the show in the league opener at Ivybridge, winning all three of their games.

They beat Plymouth Stars 9-7, their team-mates Kernow Thunder 16-7 and Plymouth Eclipse 7-5.

Plymouth Stars came second with a narrow 7-6 victory over Plymouth Eclipse and a 6-2 win over Kernow Thunder.

More information on the league can be found HERE.

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