Plympton Victoria pick up their community involvement

DEVON Merit Table side Plympton Victoria will be doing their bit for their local community on Saturday by hosting a litter pick event.

The litter pick is being organised by Plympton Ambassadors as part of the ‘Clean my Patch’ scheme.

The pick will start at 10.30am and will go on for an hour or so, using Plym Vic’s changing room at St Mary’s Field as a base.

“We were approached by a member of the Plympton Ambassadors to see if we could help out, as they usually run out of the local library but they are closed at the moment,” said Plym Vic’s Chris Hunt.

“So we are helping out. We have organised a one-way system in the changing rooms and are providing hand washing and toilet facilities for the litter pickers and it will be a great to support a local community effort. Some of the lads are joining in with the pick.

“We are looking forward to helping tidy up our little bit of Plympton this weekend.

“It’ll be great to start getting the team together again after the disruption of the past few months.”

Hunt added:  “We have been able to start getting together and do some training within the restrictions imposed by the RFU to keep us safe during the Covid-19 situation.

“We hope that soon the training can expand when safe to do so and we can properly welcome back players old and new to the club and start to prepare for the upcoming season.

“We have had some great interest from players wishing to join which is good news.”

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