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Plymouth College take part in Mayflower Marathon during lockdown

IN recognition of the journey made by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620, Plymouth College pupils and staff are seeking to collectively travel the 2,750 miles from Plymouth to Cape Cod to mark the 400th anniversary.

The Mayflower Marathon is a challenge designed to keep the wider Plymouth College community physically active during lockdown as well as celebrating the great maritime history of Plymouth.

Mr Mutlow, the college’s director of sport, came up with the idea. He said: ‘I wanted to do something that the whole school community could get involved with and to also mark the importance of 2020 for the city of Plymouth.

“We only launched the marathon a week ago and we’ve already reached the halfway point so it looks like we’ll make the journey a fair bit quicker than the Pilgrim Fathers did. We’ve had pupils doing laps of their gardens on roller skates and clocking up the miles by park trips on their scooters– the more inventive the better.”

Not only does this give the school a chance to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower setting sail from Plymouth, but also encourages the whole community to look after their physical well-being and show what can be achieved when people pull together during these challenging times.

Everyone is encouraged to record their activities and a daily total is updated and shared on social media using the hashtags – #PlymouthCollegeMayflower400 and #MayflowerMarathon.

Virtual badges and certificates are being awarded for reaching milestones such as one mile, five miles and 10 miles.

Mr Mutlow added: ‘I am hoping these little awards will be something our pupils and staff can look back on in years to come and remember fondly how they contributed to this one-of-a-kind marathon. I’m so proud of the spirit shown by everyone to get involved and have some fun.”

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