Lord Mayor presents City of Plymouth ASA awards

THE Lord Mayor presented the 2018 City of Plymouth ASA awards this week.

City of Plymouth achievement awards are annually presented to junior boys and girls (ages nine and 10), intermediate (11-13), youth (14-16) and seniors (17+). There is also a disability award, Lord Mayor Salvers for the top performer boy and girl at the whole Plymouth Gala and the Leaze Shield, which is awarded in recognition of endeavour and excellence.

This year’s winners were: –


Boys – Austin Ransom (Mount Kelly)

Girls – Lacey Roberts (Devonport)


Boys – Panagiotis Angelakis (Plymouth Leander)

Girls – Niamh Hutchinson (Plymouth Leander)


Boys – Rees Stewart (Caradin)

Girls – Diane Huellou (Plymouth Leander)


Boys – Alex Raw (Plymouth Leander)

Girls – Isobel Aspen (Caradon)

Disability Acheivement Award – Xander Harris (Devonport)

Top Boy – Alex Raw (Plymouth Leander)

Top Girl – DIane Huellou (Plymouth Leander)

Leaze Shield – Diego Walker (RNRM)

Picture courtesy of Richard Davies (City of Plymouth ASA)

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