Tamar Saracens prepare for a big weekend at the Parkway

TAMAR Saracens have a big weekend planned at the Parkway to mark the end of the season.

On Saturday, they will host Plymouth University in the Larry Bentley Memorial Cup (1pm).

Then on Sunday, they are holding the St George’s Cup Under-11 tournament between 11am and 4pm.

The club will also sign a 25-year lease on the rugby pitches at Parkway this weekend, meaning they will be able to improve them and apply for funding.

“We’ve got the Larry Bentley Memorial Cup on Saturday, but the big thing that day is we are actually signing a 25 year lease on the pitches at Parkway,” said club spokesman Marc Cioffi.

“This follows a lot of hard work by the committee.

“Other plans for the club involved welcoming a ladies’ team and develop the youth.

“We are trying to get everything off the pitch right to make the club more appealing.”

Tamar Saracens were relegated after just one season in the Cornwall/Devon League, winning just two games, but they are looking to re-group.

Cioffi added:  “The club have learnt a lot from this season. We weren’t ready for the Devon/Cornwall League.

“We didn’t realise how much of a step it was and how much commitment we needed from the whole club, but it’s a lesson learnt.

“The committee are putting in practices to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

“We are just looking forward now and preparing for Devon One.”

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