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Weightlifter Webster describes competing at Olympic Games as ‘amazing’

Sonny Webster

FORMER Ivybridge Community College pupil Sonny Webster described competing at the Olympic Games as the most ‘amazing experience’ of his life.

The 22-year-old finished sixth in Group B of the men’s 94kg category, with an overall total of 333kg, having lifted 148kg in the snatch and 185kg in the clean and jerk.

“That was the most amazing experience of my life being up there on that platform,” he said afterwards.

“You only get six minutes up there so I wanted to make sure I looked around and took it all in.

“There was a great crowd and I was so pleased to record that clean and jerk and get a score on the board. I didn’t quite get the lifts I wanted but the experience has been incredible.”

He added: “The Games have been amazing. There are so many of my heroes around and to just get to not only have a picture with them but to chat to guys like Andy Murray and Justin Rose has been brilliant.

“You’d think they’d be different because of what they’ve achieved but they’re just like any normal guys.

“I’m rooming with the gymnastics boys and went to their final the other night. What they do is incredible and I’m looking forward to seeing them in the other finals this week.”

Webster, who got into weighlifting through former Olympian Michaela Breeze while at Ivybridge Community College, competed in Rio with a hat on.

He said: “I’ve been wearing the hat for a couple of years now. I wear it backwards as if the bar touches it it’s a no lift. If I’ve broken one record it’s being the first weightlifter to compete at an Olympics with a hat on.”


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