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Makeshift Plymouth Devils team suffer defeat away at Newcastle

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH Devils suffered a 55-37 defeat in Sunday’s Premier League match at Newcastle after going into the fixture with only Jack Holder and reserves Stefan Nielsen and Ellis Perks of their regular seven team members.

The Devils were hit by injuries to skipper Kyle Newman, vice-captain Todd Kurtz and Sam Simota, while Brady Kurtz had a prior engagement with his Polish club.

Plymouth covered the absence of their injured riders by the inclusion of guests Stuart Robson (Rye House) and Mason Campton (Workington) in addition to use of the rider replacement facility.

But the absence of Brady Kurtz did not qualify for a facility so the Devils had to use Mildenhall’s Connor Coles as a National League replacement at number one.

Robson proved another good choice as guest by team manager Lee Trigger as he topped the Plymouth scoring with 13 points from his six outings, while Holder provided good support with 11, also from six rides.

Nielsen had another busy evening at reserve, taking a full quota of seven rides to finish with nine (paid 11) points.

Next up for the Devils will be the Premier League pairs at Somerset on Friday with their next league fixture being the visit to Sheffield on Thursday July 14.

Newcastle: Steve Worrall 10+1 (5 rides), Victor Palovaara 3+2 (4), Matej Kus 9+2 (4), Ludvig Lindgren 12+1 (5), Robert Lambert 12 (4). Reserves: Lewis Rose 9+1 (4), Danny Phillips 0 (4).

Plymouth: Connor Coles 0 (3), Stuart Robson 13 (6), Mason Campton 2+2 (4), rider replacement for Todd Kurtz, Jack Holder 11 (6). Reserves: Stefan Nielsen 9+2 (7), Ellis Perks 2+2 (4).


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