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Plymouth Devils boss apologies after heavy home League Cup defeat

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH Devils team manager Lee Trigger issued an apology to supporters following their crushing 60-30 defeat at home to Somerset in the League Cup on Thursday evening.

“We went out to win and put last week’s home defeat by Ipswich behind us,” said Trigger.

“But we were taught another lesson and it was very disappointing. I could say that we did not have any luck, but that is not the reason why we lost and I have to offer my apologies for the supporters.

“Our team is good enough to win at home and I am dazed about what has happened.”

The Devils were without injured skipper Kyle Newman and had vice-captain Todd Kurtz withdraw with a groin injury after three races.

Although reserve Stefan Nielsen completed a full quota of seven rides, he was badly shaken after two crashes in his third and fourth outings. So it was a credit to his determination that he completed three more races.

Sam Simota was one of the Plymouth riders to come out of the meeting with reason to be satisfied after his evening’s work. He included two wins in his return of 11 points from six rides. 

Plymouth: Brady Kurtz 6 (4 rides), rider replacement for Kyle Newman, Jack Holder 3 (5), Todd Kurtz 2+1 (3), Sam Simota 11 (6). Reserves: Stefan Nielsen 6 (7), Ellis Perks 2+1 (5).

Somerset: Josh Grajczonek 10+1 (4), Bradley Wilson Dean 5+3 (4), Charles Wright 9 (4), Paul Starke 6 (4), Rohan Tungate 14 (5). Reserves: Jake Allen 12+3 (6), Zach Wajtknecht 4+1 (3).

TEAM boss Trigger now faces a hectic scramble to find replacements for his side as they prepare for weekend league matches at Berwick on Saturday and Newcastle on Sunday.

He will be without three of his top four rides as Todd Kurtz and Kyle Newman are injured, while Brady Kurtz is otherwise engaged on the continent.

Brady is racing in a Grand Prix qualifier on Saturday and Newcastle’s Steve Worrall will be the guest replacement at Berwick, but Brady is racing for his Polish club on Sunday and the replacement situation has still to be resolved.

The plan was to operate rider replacement for Newman. But now Trigger is searching, at short notice, for guest replacements to cover the absence of Todd Kurtz after he renewed a previous injury during Thursday’s meeting.


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