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Devils meeting at Edinburgh postponed due to waterlogged track

Devils logoTHE Premier League meeting between Edinburgh and Plymouth Devils, due to have taken place at Armadale Stadium on Friday evening, has been postponed because of a waterlogged track.

When the skies cleared and a warm breeze started blowing on Friday morning, it was hoped there was a chance of the meeting going ahead.

However, the clouds rolled in again at around 10am and, with a dreadful forecast for the rest of the day, the postponement was an inevitable decision.

It remains all systems go, however, for the clash between the two teams at the St Boniface Arena on Saturday evening (7.15pm).

Edinburgh will have Cradley’s Luke Chessell, who rode for the Devon Demons in 2014, as the guest replacement for reserve Max Clegg, who will be involved in the World under-21 meeting at King’s Lynn.

Plymouth: Brady Kurtz, rider replacement for Jack Holder, Sam Simota, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Newman. Reserves: Stefan Nielsen, Ellis Perks.

Edinburgh: Sam Masters, Mark Riss, Michael Palm Toft, Ryan Fisher, Kevin Wolbert. Reserves: Luke Chessell, Dan Bewley.

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