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Setter unsure of his future after breaking leg in Albion’s final home match

Cameron Setter

PLYMOUTH Albion scrum-half Cameron Setter is unsure about his future after breaking his leg is Saturday’s final home match of the season against Hartpury College.

Setter had received a firm offer from a Championship club but had not put pen to paper on it as he was still waiting for Albion to talk to him.

Now the 22-year-old has to wait and see if anyone will still want to sign him.

Setter requires an operation but he is hopeful he will be fully fit and raring to go for the start of the new season.

“The bone near my ankle came out of its socket, so I’ve had that realigned, and I’ve got a bit of a break higher up my shin, which I’ll have to have an operation on,” Setter revealed.

“It’s a little bit frustrating, but I suppose it’s the best time to do it at the end of the season so I won’t really miss too much.

“Hopefully, I’ll get the operation done as soon as. I will be in a cast for six weeks and then after that it is just about how quickly I can rehab it.

“Hopefully, the rehab goes all right and I will be back for the end of pre-season or even earlier.”

He added: “I have been quite lucky with injuries so I suppose I was going to have one at one point and at least doing it now I won’t really miss much. Hopefully, I should be all right for next season.

“But because I’ve got this injury maybe no-one will want to sign me initially, but, like I said, I should be okay for the start of the season.

“I was annoyed I got injured but annoyed I had not signed as I planned. But I’m only 22 – well 23 in a month’s time – so I still believe I will make it.”

Setter admitted he knew straight away he had done something serious on Saturday.

“I looked down and saw something was not in the right place and as soon as the physio came on I was like ‘get me gas and air’. It was a bit of a shock.”

However, despite the injury, Setter still managed to off-load in the tackle and make a try for Christian Judge.

“I was high on gas and air and thought I hadn’t and kept saying ‘I wish I’d got the off-load in’ and then someone told me I did and we scored.”

Setter was also delighted to hear Albion had won to end their Brickfields campaign on a high.

“I spoke to Jake (Murphy) and Graham (Dawe) and they said it was a good game and a good night which was pleasing to hear,” said Setter.

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