Plymouth Devils

Reserve Nielsen impresses in Devils’ cup defeat at Rye House

Devils logoPLYMOUTH had an encouraging start from new reserve Stefan Nielsen, who scored eight (paid nine) points on his debut for the Devils in their 50-40 League Cup defeat at Rye House on Saturday evening.

Nielsen was the second highest scorer, behind the new number one Charlie Gjedde, who finished with nine points from his five outings, which included a win and two second places.

Plymouth’s other new signing Ellis Perks was a non arrival at Hoddesdon and his place was taken by Rye House’s George Hunter, who was forced to pull out of the meeting following a fall in his second ride.

Rye House: Edward Kennett 12+2 (5 rides), Kasper Lykke 1+1 (4), Cameron Heeps 9+1 (4), Leigh Lanham 7+1 (4), Stuart Robson 15 (5). Reserves: Peter Karger 0 (4), Ben Morley 6+1 (4).

Plymouth: Charlie Gjedde 9 (5), Sam Simota 5+2 (4), Jack Holder 5+2 (5), Todd Kurtz 7 (4), Kyle Newman 5 (4). Reserves: Stefan Nielsen 8+1 (6), George Hunter 1+1 (2).


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