Plymouth Devils

Plymouth Devils bring in Peterborough star as guest for Scunthorpe trip

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH Devils have called up Rafal Konokpa from Peterborough as a guest replacement for departed reserve Roland Benko for Friday’s Premier League visit to Scunthorpe.

The Devils will have number one Ryan Fisher back in their side after missing last week’s home win over Workington because of concussion.

Plymouth will be in action at the St Boniface Arena on Saturday this week when they face a visit from league leaders Edinburgh.

Co-promoter Ashley Taylor said: “We will not be put off by the fact that Edinburgh are top of the table. We can match the best in the league as long as we do what we have to do.

“There is ability in the Plymouth side with six riders capable of producing a good result. It is just a case that we have to control the meetings and that means making our percentage share of the starts.”

Scunthorpe: Thomas Jorgensen (guest for injured Josh Auty), Alex Davies, Theo Pijper, Carl Wilkinson, Ryan Douglas. Reserves: Ben Wilson, Benji Compton.

Plymouth: Ryan Fisher, Morten Risager, Jack Holder, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Newman. Reserves: Sam Simota, Rafal Konopka.


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