Plymouth Devils

Ben Barker to make St Boniface Arena return on Friday


FORMER Plymouth Devils skipper Ben Barker returns to the St Boniface Arena as a guest for Peterborough in Friday’s Premier League match (7.15pm).

Barker, who currently rides for Berwick, is the replacement for Peterborough’s injured number one Olly Allen.

The Cornish star will face a new look Devils line-up following the issue of new averages operative from the start of May. Kyle Newman takes over at number one for the Devils with Ryan Fisher switching to the number five position.

Ben Morley from Redcar has been called up as a guest replacement for injured reserve Sam Chapman.

Providing the main support to Barker in the Peterborough side will be skipper Ulrich Ostergaard and 17-year-old Robert Lambert. Completing the line-up are Michael Palm Toft and Lewis Blackbird with Simon Lambert and teenager Oliver Greenwood at reserve.

Plymouth co-promoter David Short said:  “Peterborough recently comprehensively beat the Devils at the St Boniface Arena, so it is a difficult task. But we gave a highly credible performance at Peterborough a few days after the home defeat so we are able to feel optimistic.”

Plymouth: Kyle Newman, Sam Simota, Jack Holder, Morten Risager, Ryan Fisher. Reserves: Ashley Morris, Ben Morley.

Peterborough: Ben Barker, Michael Palm Toft, Robert Lambert, Lewis Blackbird, Ulrich Ostergaard. Reserves: Oliver Greenwood, Simon Lambert.

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