Plymouth Devils

Plymouth Devils well beaten at home in cup by fast-starting Panthers

IMG_6948 Plymouth Devils…36 Peterborough Panthers…57

PLYMOUTH Devils were given a lesson in starting as Peterborough eased to a 57-36 win in their Premier League Cup match at the St Boniface Arena on Friday evening.

Peterborough provided 13 of the 15 race winners with the Devils having to be content with a first place from Sam Simota in heat five and a six-point win on a tactical ride by Jack Holder in heat eight.

The Devils were handicapped by the late decision of Ty Proctor to pull out of a guest booking in place of skipper Kyle Newman and managed only five points from the four rider replacement rides.

Morten Risager, who took over the captain’s duties, said: “None of us were making the starts and every rider was struggling with the heads going down.”

Team manager Lee Trigger added: “It was a disappointing home result as we were looking to build our confidence on our home track after beating Somerset a week ago.”

Devils: Ryan Fisher 2 (4 rides), Jack Holder 14 (6), Sam Simota 8 (5), rider replacement for Kyle Newman, Morten Risager 8+1 (5). Reserves: Sam Chapman 1 (3), Ashley Morris 3+2 (7).

Peterborough: Lasse Bjerre 10+1 (4), Michael Palm Toft 6 (4), Robert Lambert 11+1 (5), Lewis Blackbird 8 (4), Ulrich Ostergaard 13 (5). Reserves: Oliver Greenwood 6+1 (4), Simon Lambert 3+1 (4).

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