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Piper wins bronze medal on her debut for England at Frivolten Cup in Sweden

CITY of Plymouth trampolinist Evangeline Piper marked her England debut by winning a bronze medal at the Frivolten Cup in Sweden.

The 13-year-old was competing in the under-17 junior women’s double mini trampline (DMT) category at the event in Herrlyjunga, which attracts top gymnastics stars from all around Europe.

She set a new personal best to win the qualification round, finishing with 62.200 points.

In the final she was just edged out by England colleague Natasha Tapster, who is from Bracknell-based club Edgbarrow, and Sweden’s Linnea Larsson. They both finished with 61.800 points, with Piper not far behind with 61.400.

Piper will link up with England again later this summer for a European training camp in Portugal.


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