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VIDEO: Dolphins surprise Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club during training session

MAYFLOWER Offshore Rowing Club received an unexpected surprise when they went for a training session in Plymouth Sound.

As they were rowing from their Mayflower Marina base to the Breakwater and back they were joined by two pods of four dolphins, who circled them and began following them.

“It was an incredible experience,” said the club on social media. “They are truly amazing creatures.”

Jeff Keast from the club added:  “We see dolphins and seals quite often but usually from afar. It’s quite rare for them to come so close and to stay so long.

“We think they were rounding up fish. It’s absolutely fantastic to see them so close and they are really graceful and quiet.”

He added: “Last year we were a mile past the Breakwater and we were followed by a shark!”

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