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Plymouth Devils vow not to be beaten by vandals

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH Devils are determined not to be beaten by vandals who destroyed the air fence at the St Boniface Arena last weekend.

The Devils have vowed to complete their season by making the necessary repairs and replacements in time for their two remaining home fixtures against Newcastle this Friday and Scunthorpe on Saturday week (September 17).

A rallying call for assistance has resulted in sufficient help for Plymouth to keep the season going with one of the sources of assistance being Ipswich, who have made some of their surplus fences available.

Plymouth team manager Lee Trigger said: “We came back from the away meeting at Edinburgh and found that all the air fence panels at the track had been badly slashed with about half of them damaged beyond repair.

“In the first instance, our main task has been to get something in place so our remaining two meetings could go ahead.

“In the long-term it could be a case of replacing the fence, which could cost something in the region of £15,000 to £20,000. That is an expense we can well do without.

“It is hard to take that someone, for whatever reason, wants to jeopardise Plymouth speedway.”

Plymouth have named a full strength side for the clash with Newcastle, including reserves Steve Boxall and Ellis Perks, who missed last Friday’s 39-30 defeat at Edinburgh because of injury (Boxall with a broken thumb) and illness (Perks with food poisoning).

Plymouth: Jack Holder, Stefan Nielsen, Sam Simota, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Newman. Reserves: Steve Boxall, Ellis Perks.


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