Plymouth College in record-breaking form at English Schools’ National Relays

Plymouth College ESSA 2015 (1)

PLYMOUTH College returned successful from the 58th English Schools’ Swimming Association National Relay Championships at the London Aquatics Centre.

The college were the only school to win a medal in all 12 relay events. They also claimed three national records.

The championships were dominated by West Country teams, with Somerset-based Millfield winning 11 medals and Tavistock-based Mount Kelly finishing third in the medal stakes with six.

Two of Plymouth College’s national records came from their senior male team.

In the 200m medley relay, Kregor Zirk, Federico Poggio, Darren Lim and Thomas Fannon were unstoppable, while Myles Pillage replaced Poggio for a further win and record in the 200m freestyle relay.

Sterling efforts from Ethan Harrington, Jalik Tavares, Freddy Clampett, Iestyn Cole, Alexander Raw and Freddie Cornwell in the heats gave Plymouth safe passage through to the finals on each occasion.

The third record came courtesy of the college’s senior female 200m freestyle relay team, with Jessica Jackson, Laura Stephens, Anita M’Cartney and Emma England setting the new mark.

A further gold medal in the senior female 200m medley relay was to come – Ella Bowkley and Savanna Best joining Stephens and Jackson on this occasion. Once again, top swims from Isobel Wild, Erin Riordan, Imogen McCalman and Victoria Russell in the heats gave Plymouth a solid foundation for the finals.

Silver medals were also aplenty – the intermediate male 200m medley relay securing the first through Charlie Boden, Morgan Newman, Sam Dailley and Eanna O’Hara, with Tai Roche-Walker and Oscar Brain replacing Newman and Boden for a further silver in the 200m freestyle relay equivalent. Valiant efforts from Thomas Beagley, Rolands Tarhanovs and Joseph Thompson ensured safe passage into the finals for both of these relays.

The intermediate female 200m freestyle relay of Lucy Armitage, Elle Ussi, Molly Barton and Tegan Drew were next up for silver, while their medley relay (Jazz Harbour joining the fold here) ensured bronze. Georgia Duff and Holly McWilliam were also on hand to ably help the relays through the heat stages.

Silver was also the order of the day for the junior female 200m medley relay, with Gerda Vasilauskaite, Grace Poynter, Lola Oke and Duru Tanir claiming this second spot.

Earlier, their 200m freestyle relay (with Lana Broekhoven getting in on the action) had ensured bronze, with Angel Davenport assisting with a fine performance in the heats.

A silver medal for the junior boys’ 200m freestyle relay – Louis Edwards-Pratt, Odhran O’Hara, Benjamin Miller and Connor Robinson – was well received, as was their bronze in the 200m medley relay, Salvador Gordo joining the action on this occasion. Hubert Gdaniec was also a valuable asset to these teams during the heats stages.

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