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Devils will be without American Fisher for Rye House home meeting

Devils arenaPLYMOUTH Devils will be without American star Ryan Fisher for their Premier League match against Rye House at the St Boniface Arena on Friday evening (7.15pm).

Fisher is suffering from a leg injury, which he received during last Friday’s home win over Ipswich, and the Devils will operate the rider replacement facility to cover his absence.

Because Fisher is second in the team’s averages, it means any other rider can take his replacement rides.

Team manager Lee Trigger said: “I know the supporters don’t like rider replacement, but we have the likes of Kyle Newman, Jack Holder, Todd Kurtz and Sam Simota to take Ryan’s place.

“If, as a team, we do what we can do, then we will be all right. The other boys will cover for Ryan and for the team.”

Rye House will also be without their second highest scorer because Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen is racing in a Danish League fixture and is also on World under-21 duty.

The Rockets will operate rider replacement for Jakobsen and will be led by Edward Kennett, who scored an 18-point maximum for the Rockets in their League Cup visit to Plymouth early in the season.

Providing the main support for Kennett will be Swedish riders Anders Mellgren and Robin Aspegren along with 21-year-old Dane Kasper Lykke. At reserve will be Luke Bowen and Danny Maassen, a 21-year-old from Germany who made a promising impression while riding for Sheffield at the St Boniface Arena a couple of years ago.

Plymouth: Kyle Newman, rider replacement for Ryan Fisher, Jack Holder, James Wright, Morten Risager. Reserves: Sam Simota, Todd Kurtz.

Rye House: Edward Kennett, rider replacement for Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen, Anders Mellgren, Kasper Lykke, Robin Aspegren. Reserves: Luke Bowen, Danny Maassen.

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