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Plymouth Junior Badminton Tournament continues to grow stronger

YOUNGSTERS from around the region battled it out for honours at the annual Plymouth Junior Badminton Tournament held at the Life Centre.

The competition was split into different age groups from under-11s to under-18s.

The top under-18 performer was Sam Coleman, who won three titles on the day – the men’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles.

There were also singles and doubles titles for Millie Seow, Leon Yeldo, Liam Payn, Isabelle Hatton,  Isaac Jackson and Mattea Torr-Pomeroy.

More than 150 competitors took part. All had to live within 15 miles of Plymouth or belong to a club affiliated to the Plymouth and District Badminton League.

Brian Legassick, who has helped organise the event for years, said: “It is so rewarding to see the youngsters enjoying themselves and it is good to see that after 30 years of involvement it is growing ever stronger as a competition.

“The Devonport Royal Dockyard Employee Trust funds the competition and there was a large table of trophies and medals to hand out on the day.”

There is a growing interest in encouraging junior badminton in Plymouth, with clubs like Tavyside, Callington, Plymouth Life Centre and Kuasa really encouraging junior members.



Singles: Winner: Mattea Torr-Pomeroy; Runner-up: Melody Valentine

Doubles Winners: Mattea Torr-Pomeroy & Poppy Lakeman; Runners-up: Olivia Wilkie & Macy Foote


Singles: Winner: Isaac Jackson; Runner-up: Daniel Cooper

Doubles Winners: Isaac Jackson & Daniel Cooper; Runners-up: Joe Avent & Ryan Wheeler


Singles: Winner: Isabelle Hatton; Runner-Up: Natasha Romanel

Doubles Winners: Isabelle Hatton & Natasha Romanel; Runners-Up: Emily Welch & Angel Valentine


Singles: Winner: Liam Payn; Runner-up: Joson Mathew

Doubles:  Winners: Liam Payn & George Teague; Runners-up: Edward Tipton & Ben Stoneman


Singles: Winner: Francesca Elliot; Runner-up: Leah Johns

Doubles Winners: Caitlin Perriam & Ella Hunter-Campbell; Runners-up: Leah Johns & Melia O’Grady


Singles Winner: Leon Yeldo; Runner-up: William Woolard

Doubles Winners: Leon Yeldo & Preet Pradeep; Runners-up: Jamie Seow & Lalit Kathiresan


Singles: Winner: Millie Seow; Runner-up: Abigail Wilkie

Doubles: Winners: Millie Seow & Abigail Wilkie; Runners-up: Jemma McKenzie & Mollie Davies


Singles Winner: Sam Coleman; Runner-up: Srisudhan Sudhakar

Doubles: Winners: Sam Coleman & Alexander Kerridge; Runners-up: Alfie Turns & Harry Lovering


Winners: Sam Coleman & Molly Davies; Runners-Up: Christian Thomson & Jemma McKenzie

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